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Hi there! My name is Paige and I’m a 20-something fangirl and bookworm from Australia. I obsess over things far too easily, love reading YA books (mostly contemporaries) and watch way too many TV shows than I care to admit. I’m a dreamer, do-er and thinker. A list maker, procrastibaker and font junkie. Lover of vanilla lattes, music and brightly-coloured nail polish. I’m the kind of girl who will take any excuse to dress up but whose idea of a good night is one spent with a good book or binge watching her latest TV show obsession.

Oh My Fangirly is my little corner of the internet where I unashamedly talk/gush/flail about the books and things in life that makes me fangirly: mostly books, sometimes TV shows and occasionally music. Here you’ll find me fangirling, swooning and gushing about all of these things, but with a splash of real life fun and heart.


5 more things about me:

1. I’ve been a bookworm since I first learnt to read, but it wasn’t until my late teens that I really fell in love with reading. I mostly read young adult and my first YA loves were mostly the big popular paranormal and dystopian series — Twilight, Vampire Academy, Mortal Instruments, Hunger Games, Divergent (like a lot of people!). Nowadays my favourite books are contemporary YA, and sometimes New-Adult and I love reading stories and characters that feel like real life for me.

Some of my favourite books and authors are: Anna/Lola/Isla by Stephanie Perkins; Just One Day/Year/Night by Gayle Forman; This is what Happy Looks Like by Jennifer E. Smith; My Life Next Door by Huntley Fitzpatrick; The Distance Between Us by Kasie West, Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell; One Day by ?? ; and Cora Carmack

2. I’m in my final FINAL year of university and it feels like I’ve been studying forever, probably because I basically have been studying forever. This year is my seventh year of uni and this is my third degree (yeah, really). But it’s not like I’ve been studying for the sake of it, the first two were kind of like pre-degrees (a science and honours degree), and at the moment I’m training to be a midwife (someone who helps women have babies) and I’ll hopefully be qualified at the end of this year which will make this Christmas the best ever. I’ve definitely learnt lots of study tricks over the year, and will share them here every now and then.

3. Like books, I’ve grown up with music and it’s there in all aspects of my life: the good, the sad, the fun and the boring times. I like all sorts of music and have quite an eclectic mix of genres in my iTunes library. In another life (my high school life), I used to play flute and sing in school band, but these days I just sing for me (mostly in the car) and the occasional karaoke sesh.

4. My favourite places to be are those near home: mostly the beach, the library and a coffee shops — usually with a book in hand. But I also have a serious case of wanderlust and dream of visiting new places in search of new adventures. Which is probably why I love escaping into bookish worlds and reading about different kinds of people, places and adventures so much.

5. Other than books and fangirling, I also love cooking yummy food and procrastibaking, watching aussie rules football, and trying (and failing) to beat my brothers in a uno or monopoly tournament.



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